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What? How? Who? Why? about Bonatinta’s project

Bonatinta was born in 2015 from the creative restlessness and the need to remember old textile trades. It claims the use of non-toxic dyes and natural textile fibers following ethical, social and environmental criteria.

It was born with a lot of desire to elaborate a quality, special, natural, healthy and solidary product.

Collections Bonatinta are handmade with ecological colours and vegetable dyes on natural fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, silk, wool and also on paper.

If you are looking for natural printing, eco and GOTS dyes we can help you with your limited production.

Goals and principles


Recover the textile trades. In Bonatinta’s workshop we work on the various trades involved in creating a print, the draftsman, the mold engraver, the colorist, the dyer and the printer.

Recover natural and healthy recipes. The colorful kitchen of the Bonatinta workshop aims to recover natural dyes, formulations and ancient techniques.

Use dyes and color pastes free of toxic materials that can harm our health or pollute the environment. Healthy tissues come into contact with the skin.

Solidarity products. Bonatinta collaborates with its grain of sand and supports its product. He has been making financial contributions to environmental and social assistance organizations since 2015 to the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. In 2019 he began his collaboration with Doctors of the World Catalonia.

Origins of Bonatinta’s workshop

The roots of this studio workshop have their origin in training in engraving, printing and artistic techniques, and thanks to a career in the industrial and digital sector of textile printing, as well as in knowledge about the management and conservation of textile heritage.

Different iconographic styles emerge in Bonatinta’s collections, drawings and textures inspired by flora and fauna, landscapes, nature, children’s imaginary graphics and Indian fabrics, prints introduced in Europe in the seventeenth century.



“When I work in the workshop I add to all my masters the transferable knowledge, gifts and homes, people friends, craftsmen, artists, colorists of factories, engravers, stampers, designers”

“Whenever I cure the garden or faig color amb els tints naturals, when I observe the sea or draw a papallona,… the temps s’atura i s’obre el cor. I appreciate the treasures that nature offers”

Mònica Dòria